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scripted video + interactive training
The challenge
To dramatize best practice in the treatment of suicidal patients for a highly perceptive and expert audience of psychiatrists and therapists; and to combine a series of these scripted dramas with interactive elements to form a cohesive online training experience.
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It had to be believable...

We were very conscious of the need to make these dramatized case studies believable for the learners, who are all experts in human behavior. We wanted them to focus on the learning points without being distracted by theatrics.

On set for 'Means Reduction Counselling'
'High-fidelity' visual storytelling
We worked closely with the Subject Matter Expert throughout script development, as well as on-set during the shoot. We combined his input with our knowledge of human behavior and our attention-to-detail informed by decades as international journalists. It's a meticulous method we like to call our "high-fidelity" visual storytelling approach.

Mission accomplished:

We directed the case studies for maximum authenticity rather than dramatic effect. It worked: we later received the highest compliment — a psychologist pulled our client aside at a conference to chide him for letting a camera crew film a patient's therapy session. The psychologist believed it was a real session!

On set for 'Means Reduction Counselling'
What the client said...
I have been especially impressed by the rigorous factual accuracy and emotional authenticity of ModernEpic's finished work. It's been a pleasure to observe firsthand how their team involves both experts and non-experts alike, and is always able to put people at ease during the creative and production phases of any given project. They can be trusted to handle complex subjects with care and professionalism, and are responsive in a respectful and timely manner. And, working with the team is a great experience."
Beth Brodsky, PhD
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