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ModernEpic's clients include Fortune 500 companies,
Ivy League universities + global health organizations

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Leeds Business School

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Yale: ELTI

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Teach For All: Reimagine Education

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The Motherhood Center

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Research Foundation For Mental Hygiene

scripted video + interactive training

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Client feedback

“I have been especially impressed by the rigorous factual accuracy and emotional authenticity of ModernEpic's finished work"

Center For Policy Innovation

“After watching just the first edit – I love it”

Leeds Business School

“Stunning and powerful

The Motherhood Center

WOW!!!! I just watched the video and I actually have tears running down my face”


ModernEpic specializes in...

Communications + corporate video

We work with clients ranging from non-profits to the Fortune 500 to turn their ideas and information into compelling visual stories.

Learning + training content

ModernEpic creates a wide range of video and interactive learning content — for the workplace, public education, and expert-level training.


Mini-documentaries are our most requested service. We make factual content for marketing, fundraising, public awareness, and social-media.

Health + mental health content

ModernEpic has been involved in the health and mental health space since our founding — working with practitioners, patients, and the public.